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T\\ Outpatient Emergency Administrative Building
CסԺComprehensive Inpatient Building
ƘSurgery Building
՘General Building
ˎDepartment of Pharmacy
߉œHyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
CϘComprehensive Building
tԺ|^ East District of the Hospital
tԺ Hospital Headquarter
g Department  of Surgical Anesthesiology
a Delivery room
D Gynecology
һ Surgical First Department
ǂһBone Fracture First Department
ԺY̎ ˎ ݔҺ Check-out Counter, Central Pharmacy, Transfusion Room
܇ Underground Garage
ˎDrug Storage
 Teaching-research Room
TҌʳ Canteen of Patient's Family
šʳ Staff Canteen
 Medical Record Room
D Reading Room
[ Electronic Reading Room
h Conference Room
ODepartment of Equipment 
Ϣ Department of Information 

늙CWeak Electricity Engine Room
겡Department of Geriatrics 
ͿDepartment of Rehabilitation 
βDepartment of Liver Disease 
wzPhysical Examination Center
ADepartment of  Preventive Care 
120վ120 First-aid Station
ȾԼDepartment of Infectious Disease
IJDepartment of Heart Disease
XDepartment of Encephalopathy
Surgical Second Department
βDepartment  of Pulmonary Disease
ƢθDepartment of Spleen and Stomach Diseases
Department of Pediatrics
Department of Neonatology
aMaternity Department
Supply Room
ݔҺTransfusion Room
aPredelivery Room
xaIsolation Predelivery
Delivery Room
ˎWestern Medicine Warehouse
гˎChinese patent medicine Warehouse
ˎƬChinese Herbal Medicine Warehouse
ˎw}Traditional Chinese Medicine Drug Granule Warehouse
ˎˎTCM Boiling room
Ź Magnetic Resonance
T\ Emergency Department
ڲaҺFluid Infusion Room of Hand-foot-and-mouth Disease
_ˮg Hot Water Room
ע^ Injection Area
ݔҺӛ̎Infusion Registration Office
˼עAdult Muscle Injection
ͯעChild Muscle Injection
ԃ Information
k Counter
oϵKlg Toilet
 Security Room
gHigh Voltage Room
gLow Voltage Room
sg Sundries  Room
g Rubbish Room
ϴg Filth Cleaning Room
۷g Disposal Room
gg Operation Room
еϴg Mechanical Cleaning Room
g Storage Room
oƷgSterile Room
ҹgҺNight Liquor Preparation
̎ Disposal Room
췿 Storage Room
oAuxiliary Room
 Changing Room
ֵ Duty Room
ϴg Cleaning Room
o}ҺVenous Liquor Preparation
ᘄ[ˎInjection Medicine Arrangement
ƲNeurosurgery Ward
ʾ Demonstration Room
 Food Preparation
ӟ^ Heating Area
ίTreatment Room
xg Instrument Room
Rescue Room
tk Doctors’ Office
k Director’s Office
oʿLk Head Nurse’s Office
tֵ Doctor Duty Room
oʿLֵ Head Nurse Duty Room
ҌgȺ^ Waiting Room
QЬ Changing Room
ֵ Duty Room
ՄԒ Conversation Room
๦Multi-functional Room
K  Recovery Room
ÓgDis-packing Zone
QgBed-Changing Room
O Surveillance  Room
ʯ Plaster Room
ϴ췿Clean the Warehouse
OSurgical Equipment Warehouse
Ʒ췿Consumption Goods Warehouse
ˎƷDrug Storage
gǰʂgPreoperative Preparation Room
еgMechanical Packing Room
˱ Specimens Room
cͅ^ Order  Area
y_ Cashier Desk
Og Electric Equipment Room
܇ Dining Car
ϴWashing Disinfection
ƅ^Steaming Area
N^ Chief Chef Area
ʳ Raw Food
ʳ Cooked Food
߲^ Vegetable Processing Area
c Refreshment Processing
^ Meat Processing
ʳ Staple Food Storage
߲˴ּӹ Vegetable Pre-processing
ʳNon-staple Food Warehouse
ˮaּӹ Seafood Pre-processing
ݴּӹ Meat Pre-processing
cȠIB^Enteral Nutrition Processing Area
θ Second Changing Room
{ Ingredient Preparation Room
͏d  Canteen; Compartment 
IB Nutritional Department
gCleaning Room
 Medical Record Room
DY Library
[ Electronic Reading Room
Og Electric Equipment Room
Ӵӛ̎ Registration
ODepartment of Equipment
Ϣ Department of Information
hConference Room
늙CWeak Electricity Engine Room
Ik Property Management Room
IƷ Property  Utilities
 Management Room
 Anti-chemical Equipment Room
 Fire Equipment Room
g Utility Room
 General Matters
݆ζѷWheelchair Storage Room
ܶѷStretcher Storage Room
RrkTemporary Office
Teaching-research Room
 Teaching-research Equipment  Room
 Lab Equipment Room
Rr\ Temporary Consultation Office


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